IN VR: Legacy Empire Gallery Exhibition Tour║
Thursday, September 17,
2:00pm - 3:00pm (EDT) 2020

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Nigeria based Legacy Empire Gallery invites you to join an exhibition tour in VR. Put on your VR headset and join or watch the Livestream. 

The body of works that are being shown in this exhibition are centered on the artist’s mind during the period of the global lockdown and the search for new ways to do things. It also highlights various subjects that characterises her person as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the daily struggles and the victories that comes with being resolute and determined.

In one of the series of works titled ‘Pillars’ the artist informs Us on the value and importance of having some form of support system no matter what differences may arise be it family or friendships as we often take these subjects for granted.

Elizabeth Ekpetorson has sought to draw our attention on the human consciousness through her Acrylic and charcoal on canvas works. This exhibition invites all to reflect on the current happenings in our world today and how it has shaped us individually.

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