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In VR: Chase Chandler
Thursday, April 15th, 2021
8:00 – 9:00pm EST

Chase Chander Art Gate International 2021

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In Essence

“In Essence” is an experimental, immersive piano performance for Art Gate’s opening event. It should be very unique and memorable for everyone involved!
Fairly contemporary, the piano performance will be all improvised on the spot according to the audience reactions – but the music itself will sound beautiful/pleasant, like a windchime! Such a fully formed piece could add a lot of excitement and be quite an experience to hear such contemporary music within Art Gate. 
Chase Chandler (b. 1991) composes with a unique combination of beautiful color-timbres, fearless counterpoint, and organic structural development through novel use of melody and harmony. Chandler’s works have been performed by international groups such as the PHACE Ensemble, UNICAMP Percussion Ensemble, the Eclipse Quartet, and was recently commissioned by the SANS Duo. Chase recently graduated with his MM from CSUF and currently studies with Dr. Dello Joio, professor at The Juilliard School.


Chase Chandler invites you to join the performance in VR. 
To join download Art Gate and enter at the time listed above. 

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