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Welcome in the Art Gate district! You can visit exhibitions and attend art events here.

You can easily join the metaverse via computer, or your virtual reality headset. The best experience is to put on your VR headset and visit during the scheduled art events. Then you can shake hands, talk, socialize, and build relationships with people from around the world at events in Art Gate. 

Find us on Discord and we can assist in the access and download process.

how to attend

Beta Testers Needed! We are always looking to approve Art Gate. Join us on our Discord channel to report any bugs or get support from the Art Gate community! 

Man and woman Attend virtual art events on mobile

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Discord is where our community meets to chat and ask questions.

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art events

The Art Gate VR art district features many community events. Attend an exhibition opening, participate in an exhibition tour, attend a panel discussion, or film screening. There is so much to explore:

Art Gate VR Simpson Gallery Sculpture metaverse multi-users