“Journey of Radiant Renewal” – therapy light series of Jeff Malo

Join us for Opening Reception of “Journey of Radiant Renewal” and Artist talk with "light painter" Montreal based artist Jeff Malo.

Jeff will share his story and the path of creation of these transformative Therapy Light series, as the show is named after the last piece in the series. This artwork symbolizes the testament of human spirit and resilience.
“Recovery is an ode to your own strength and a commitment to healing. As you gaze upon these pieces, let it stand as a reminder that your journey is an ongoing process of growth, connection, and self-acceptance.”
See you at Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery for this exciting event!

The Art of Fee Dickson Reid – Alchemy of Color at the Edge of Light

Fee Dickson Reid is an art alchemist and an incredible painter of seascapes. She captures the moments sea meets the sky at the edge of light and transfers them into magical oil paintings.
Join us to meet Fee and talk to her about her process, inspiration and alchemy she creates with her incredible sense of color.