Join the Art Gate international art district in the Metaverse through your laptop or VR headset. Connect with art, collectors, galleries, artists, and performers from all over the globe. Get more international visitors to your gallery for less time and money than a brick and mortar location. Apply below to establish a gallery in the Art Gate district.

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Why open a gallery in The metaverse?
Art Gate Virtual Reality Avatars
Save Time
Curate and rotate exhibitions 100x faster in VR than in your brick and mortar location. Collectors can visit your gallery within minutes of opening even if they are on the other side of the world.
Save Money

Opening a multinational gallery costs a lot of money to establish and operate. Bypass these expenses while providing global access to your gallery by leveraging our technology.

increase foot traffic

Put your gallery on the forefront of the international stage and get global audience in your gallery through the metaverse.

without coding
Art Gate comes with a content management system (CMS) that enables easy management of your artwork details and exhibitions. Discover how to upload an exhibition!
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What's an art gallery in Art Gate?

Accessible from any physical location with the ease of a laptop or Oculus VR headset, since 2018, Art Gate VR features pioneering galleries, private collections, and museum collections, all in one place connected by virtual reality. Art dealers can upload their artworks, curate exhibitions, and host live events. Join the Art Gate VR community by creating your own gallery in VR, showing off your collection and connecting with important clients.

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