The Beginner's Guide

To Buying NFTs, Crypto Art, and More.

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CryptoKitties, Cryptobotz, CryptoPunks, CryptoBabies. The market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is exploding and it’s not hard to see why. NFTs are unique digital tokens that exist within a blockchain and can be traded on exchanges just like any other cryptocurrency. They cannot be replicated! As we head into the future of the blockchain era, we need to start thinking about how we interact with NFTs and realize their potential. Here’s a beginner’s guide to buying NFTs.

Introduction to NFTs

NFTs are a growing market and it’s not hard to see why. Non-Fungible Tokens cannot be replicated, which means they’re truly unique. In fact, they exist on a blockchain and can be traded just like any other cryptocurrency. This digital scarcity is what makes NFTs so valuable in the blockchain era we’re living in.

Types of NFTs and their marketplaces

There are many different types of Non-Fungible Tokens, but they all function the same way. With NFTs, there are no duplicates of certain items. They can be traded like any other cryptocurrency and exist on a blockchain that is immutable. This makes them very attractive to collectors who want something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

One of the most popular types of NFTs available right now are CryptoKitties. These digital felines were created by Axiom Zen and went viral in December 2017 when they had more than $25 million in sales in just two weeks. However, Cryptokitties is not the only type of NFT on the market. There are also CryptoBabies, which are highly collectible digital babies with unique faces and designs – yes you guessed it – created by Axiom Zen! And for those who want to get into even more offbeat collectibles, there’s Cryptobotz, which are sentient robots modeled after real-life toy bots that can be programmed and customized with artificial intelligence (AI).

Another pro to Metaverse Art is its accessibility. Many resources have been put into improving this form of art and making it more accessible to everyone: museums like MOMA and MoMA have included some of these pieces in their collections; some artists even offer classes on how to create Metaverse Art, and there are some free online tutorials as well. This type of art is hard to ignore because of its vast availability across multiple platforms – reaching audiences who may not otherwise be interested in modern art.

Metaverse Art also opens up new avenues for artists who want to make a living from their work; with this new medium, they’ll be able to do so by charging admission fees or selling limited edition prints at galleries around the world.


This article is a beginner’s guide to buying NFTs. You’ll learn about their basics and how to buy them. Read on to learn more!

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