Founder Fireside Friday

Come hang with the founders of Art Gate! Co-Founder and CEO, Brendon McNaughton will be hosting this event. Let's chill, chat, do some impromptu gallery tours, and brainstorm what to build next in the Art Gate district of the Metaverse. Join via your laptop or VR headset.

“La Femme: the Power of SHE” Artist Talk with Michelle Lubin

Art Gate VR: Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery, The Metaverse

Join Ali Jay Fine Art for a talk presented by Michelle Lubin, one of the featured artists in the group exhibition: "La Femme: the Power of SHE."

“Art that Heals: healing journey through art and the Metaverse”

Art Gate VR: Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery, The Metaverse

Join us at Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery in the Metaverse @ ArtGate VR in Room 1 to discuss the role of art in our healing collectively and individually as a part of on-going "Mental health and the Metaverse" series. Guests will include artists Michelle Lubin, Nicole Mendez and Jai Mitchell. Don't miss this one, we will go deep. Get your questions ready!

Inescapable Nostalgia in a Post-Internet Generation

Art Gate VR: Divide By Zero Collection

Divide by Zero Collection #Postinternet Series

Panel Talk - Inescapable Nostalgia in a Post-Internet Generation with Henry Middleton, Former Senior Director, MTV Europe, Discovery Channel Asia and Jacobo Garcia Gil. Divide By Zero Collection

Meet us in Art Gate
Friday, April 22nd, 2022
9:00 pm NYC/Toronto Time (EST)
9:00 am Hong Kong (Saturday)

Art Gate International (AGI23)

Art Gate VR

Welcome to Art Gate International 2023, the annual international art fair in the Metaverse. We are thrilled to announce that AGI23 will be opening its doors on April 27th, 2023. Join the quickly growing community of over 10,000 visitors last year. Click Here to Visit Art Gate At AGI23, visitors can explore artwork from both […]

Source of Light – Artist Talk 1

From expressive paintings to narrative driven photography, exhibiting artists invite you to explore the luminescence in each piece. Artists will be speaking about what the prompt "Source of Light" means to them.

Exhibiting artists: Peter Clive, Karen Abada, Courtney Aldrich, Kiley Ames, Kiley Ames, Brandin Barón, Jaina Cipriano, Bréa Corcoran, DaNice D Marshall, Chris D'Amore, John Diephouse, Caroline Gates, Victoria Guerina, Dave Hanson, Christy Hegarty, Susan Hong-Sammons, Terri Levine, Carrie M. Nixon, Sheila Nee Booth, Marsha Newby, Kristen Nyberg, Robert Obier, Gila Rayberg and Dale Tremblay

Featured cover image: Christine Hegarty