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Healing Power of Art

Join us for a deep discussion on how art helps us process, reflect, express and heal. Represented artists Michelle Lubin, Jai Mitchell and Antonio Nogueira will share their stories, art practices and take on this powerful way to live our better lives. We will welcome questions and input from the audience as these topics usually ignite interesting conversations. Bring your questions!

In VR: Exploring “Alien Realities” at The X Gallery

X Gallery

Along a pilgrimage to Roswell, NM, join us for "Alien Realities" by Edward K. Weatherly and hosted by his sister, Nicole. We'll explore Edward's artwork as a portal into varying perspectives on mental health, extraterrestrials, and the meaning of life... We’d love to know your perspectives on the enigmatic wonders of the universe within us […]

“Challenge the Norm” Artist Talk 2

With artistic methods, narrative or color application, the artists in this group exhibition are pushing the envelope as they "Challenge the Norm." Speaking artists: May 5 11-12PM EST: Josh Atkinson, Julie K. Gray, Kara Hunt, Sooltan Madsen, Erica Nazzaro, Brian Russo, Rachel Rossier Ryan