PANNEL DISCUSSION: Collectors and the Metaverse

Divide by Zero Collection

A keynote panel for the Meta Biennale hosted by Hong Kong’s Founder and Director of the Divide By Zero™️ Collection, Jacobo Gracia Gil with Managing Editor of Cobo Social, Denise Tsui, curator and cultural mediator, Dr. Francesca Valente, and collector and co-founder of the DSL Collection, Sylvain Lévy. Discussing the exciting new realms and opportunities involved in art collecting in the metaverse.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Mental Health and the Metaverse

Art Gate VR: Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery, The Metaverse

We will continue the theme of our previous conversation on healing through art and expand on the role of Metaverse as a safe space to share and connect through creating a virtual arts community in Art Gate.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Smart City Art Districts in the Metaverse

(sm)art curators gallery

Featuring: Ralph Overbeck, Vitor Pereira, Karin F. Giusti, Brendon McNaughton and presented by: (sm)art curators. This exciting panel will approach questions around our current evolution into the Metaverse: What does it mean to have synergy between Smart Cities and the Metaverse? How will districts of the Metaverse evolve with smart structures?