Death of the Artist: Removing One’s Self from Artistic Expressions of Experience. Part 1

Visit the Art Gate virtual art district. Featuring artist Zach Teall who will give a tour of new exhibition: "Death of the Artist: Removing One's Self from Artistic Expressions of Experience." An exploration of the removal one's own interpretation and bias of experience using the virtual world as a new tool for artistic expression.

Artist Talk with Matty Davis “No Ordinary Love”

Art Gate VR: Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery, The Metaverse

Join us for a chat with Matty Davis as a part of "No Ordinary Love" exhibition. You will be able to virtually meet the artist (via Oculus headset or Mac/PC app), hear his story and ask questions about his art and life and what love means to him. Don't miss it!

Carson Teal, Sentient Windows

Sentient Windows emerges as a multi-dimensional solo exhibition, virtually in Art Gate VR and organically in collaboration with J. Spot Gallery at 240 Queen St. East Toronto.

Visit Art Gate VR for our virtual opening reception: February 20th at 3pm EST
(contact with questions)

Brendon McNaughton @ Smart Festival 22

(sm)art curators gallery

Smart Festival Metaverse Premier. Keynote by Brendon McNaughton in dialogue with Ralph Overbeck. The Art Gate District. Followed by Group Exhibition tour. Featuring painters Adi Atassi, Rosie McGurran, and Ingrid Christensen. Public art innovator Karin F. Giusti. Photographers Keith Thomson, Niaz Maleknia, and Gero Cacciatore. Multidisciplinary artist Teresa Albor. Poet Sam J. Grudgings. Musicians Ina […]