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Dear Art Gate Members,

Thank you for your voluntary support through your membership. This pay what you can model is in place to provide wider access the arts, regardless of socio-economic position. Your membership helps keep the doors to Art Gate and the artworks on exhibition open to the world for free. 

The arts used to be accessible due to the support of small groups with high concentrations of wealth. Think back to the Medici and Guggenheim families. Their support allowed artworks and movements to be accessible to many millions each year. Today, the crowd has the power to collaboratively bring the arts to billions of people annually- in virtual reality.

Your membership helps make the arts more accessible. It keeps the doors to Art Gate open and free for anyone to enjoy. Your support allows Art Gate to focus attention on making the experience more enjoyable for the community. You are making art globally accessible, and enabling more community programing by becoming a member at Art Gate. 

Thank you for making the arts more accessible. The people behind Art Gate could not bring this dream to (virtual) reality without you.

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