I have always been fascinated by doing things in different ways; finding alternate paths and new solutions has been exciting to me from an early age. Finding my own path & doing things by my own terms is how I roll.
This exhibition focuses on people who have inspired me in life one way or another.


Julia Seabrook Gallery’s debut exhibition held during Miami Art Week. With a solo show by artist ABE featuring works from 2017-present.

Digital Cowboy: Meet the Artists

Join Sweet Pea Gallery and the artists of new exhibition Digital Cowboy in an opening reception, meet in virtual Art Gate VR gallery

Opening Musical Performance

Chase Chandler and Motoko Honda will perform a collaborative piece about the expanding universe of virtual reality, entitled “The Frame Unfolds.” Atmospheric moods and dramatic harmonies will open the MetaB with a showcase of acoustic and digital sound expression through piano, synths, vocals, and improvisation.

The Meta Biennale 2021

Art Gate

Art Gate is pleased to announce, The Meta Biennale 2021. The rapidly growing global arts community in the Metaverse via your VR headset or laptop. This historic inaugural art event in Virtual Reality will open on Thursday, November 18th, 2021.