“Just Breathe” artist talk with Michelle Lubin

Art Gate VR: Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery Ali Jay Fine Art Gallery, The Metaverse

Join us for a conversation with San Diego based artist Michelle Lubin. Michelle Lubin (MDFerrera) is a San Diego based figurative artist, mural painter, and illustrator. With a Fine Art Degree from NJ, she moved to Southern California 10 years ago to pursue an art career. The artist attributes her progression to the opportunities and support from the San Diego art community. We are excited to have her come back into our VR community for the second year in a row, now with solo show “Just Breathe” with her powerful and expressive pieces! Don’t miss this great event!

Art Gate International Open Reception

Art Gate VR

Art Gate International 2024 presents an exceptional assembly of creativity and innovation in the virtual art space. This annual art fair features an impressive lineup of exhibitors, each bringing their unique artistic visions to a global audience. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore and interact with diverse collections from established galleries and renowned artists. […]

Gallery tour in Floating Point Gallery by Heran Genene

Join us on Friday, May 3rd, for a unique gallery tour led by Canadian artist Heran Genene in Art Gate VR. Dive into "Pro-Practice," an immersive installation curated for the Floating Point Gallery.

This innovative experience merges the dynamics of basketball practice with the boundless possibilities of virtual reality.
Engage your senses and your body in a space where movement and presence transform into art. Don't miss the chance to explore this invisible game where you are both the artist and the canvas. Experience proprioception as never before!

Art Gate International: Sosum Art

Art Gate VR

This is a gallery event with Debi Chan and a German artist both working in Digital art and VR.

Retrospective Tour with Brendon McNaughton

Join contemporary artist Brendon McNaughton on a captivating tour of his retrospective exhibition, where art meets cutting-edge technology. Traverse through a decade of groundbreaking work, from robust marble sculptures to pioneering virtual reality installations. Discover how McNaughton harnesses 3D printing, AI, and robotic carving to challenge and reshape our cultural landscapes. This tour is a unique opportunity to experience the transformative power of art and technology firsthand, guided by the artist himself. Don't miss the chance to see how traditional methods blend with modern innovation to forge new artistic frontiers.

Reinhard Reitzenstein Artist Talk: The Forest as an Acoustic Community

Reinhard Reitzenstein studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, 1968-71. He has held over one hundred solo exhibitions and participated in over 300 group exhibitions throughout North and South America and abroad. More than a dozen public art commissions along with as many private commissions have been completed. Reinhard's work is represented in over 50 public and corporate collections internationally.
He has been an instructor in sculpture and interdisciplinary studies since 1980 and is currently the Director of the Sculpture Program, SUNY, Buffalo, NY (USA).

“Challenge the Norm” Artist Talk 1

With artistic methods, narrative or color application, the artists in this group exhibition are pushing the envelope as they "Challenge the Norm." Speaking artists: Trudy Borenstein-Sugiura, Bréa Corcoran, Hannah Cole Dahar, John Diephouse, Alec MacLeod, Carrie M. Nixon, Margaret Vaughan, Brian Wagoner, Debra Woodward

Art Gate International Derek Samaha

Derek Samaha is a self-taught Toronto-based photographer with a decade of experience. He has a passion for shooting cinematic moody scenes with dramatic lighting that share common themes of the human experience or tap into sci-fi/fantasy worlds and lean into some form of tension or suspense. 

Art Collecting in 3D

Meet the Pursuits Beyond Collection of digital art acquired as NFTS. Join our conversation exploring art collecting opportunities in the new world of digital, blockchain and metaverse.

“Challenge the Norm” Artist Talk 2

With artistic methods, narrative or color application, the artists in this group exhibition are pushing the envelope as they "Challenge the Norm." Speaking artists: May 5 11-12PM EST: Josh Atkinson, Julie K. Gray, Kara Hunt, Sooltan Madsen, Erica Nazzaro, Brian Russo, Rachel Rossier Ryan

In VR: Exploring “Alien Realities” at The X Gallery

X Gallery

Along a pilgrimage to Roswell, NM, join us for "Alien Realities" by Edward K. Weatherly and hosted by his sister, Nicole. We'll explore Edward's artwork as a portal into varying perspectives on mental health, extraterrestrials, and the meaning of life... We’d love to know your perspectives on the enigmatic wonders of the universe within us […]

Healing Power of Art

Join us for a deep discussion on how art helps us process, reflect, express and heal. Represented artists Michelle Lubin, Jai Mitchell and Antonio Nogueira will share their stories, art practices and take on this powerful way to live our better lives. We will welcome questions and input from the audience as these topics usually ignite interesting conversations. Bring your questions!