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in the metaverse

Art Gate is an art district in the Metaverse established in 2018. It is filled with people, artwork, and galleries from around the world. Visitors can explore art from blue chip artists such as Warhol, Sherman, Beeple, Picasso, Stella, Indiana or discover contemporary artists such as Antoine Lortie, Claudia Hart, Jai Mitchell, Samantha Heydt, Erin Loree, Max Locrian, and many more. Visitors enter the Art Gate district through laptops and/or VR headsets.

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Art Events

Join us for international ART EVENTS

Providing access to a global audience, Art Gate includes galleries from 6 continents, all exhibiting on our global stage. We have amplified audiences significantly by providing a platform to share and connect with people who are part of the art industry from around the world.

Everything you need to exhibit in THE metaverse

Art Gate makes it easy to create interactive virtual galleries for events, exhibiting, & selling artwork. Think of us as a year round art fair in the metaverse. It is really easy to set-up your own gallery, no coding; simply upload artwork organize them  in rooms & launch your gallery.